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The "White Truffle" is a very valuable and aromatic edible mushroom.

It is known by the scientific name Tuber magnatum and is characterized by its strong and aromatic flavour, often compared to that of mature cheeses, and is typically enjoyed in flakes on dishes such as pasta, risotto, eggs or white meats.

It is usually in season from September to December and it is often associated with high prices due to its rarity and high demand.

We are hunters and truffle hunters of the Tuber magnatum Pico, also known as the white truffle, and it is available in different quality based on size, weight and aesthetic quality, where larger and symmetrical ones are more valuable.

The truffle is the true diamond of gastronomy

With great passion, for almost 150 years, we have dedicated ourselves, as a family, to the search, selection and collection of the best Italian truffles.

All this to create the best products for Italian gastronomy and to offer the finest truffles to everyone.

We produce 100% natural truffle products exclusively Made in Italy, prepared with the utmost respect for the taste.

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From the search and harvest of fresh truffles, to the creation of refined culinary delicacies designed and created to bring the taste of one of the best products on earth to the table. His Majesty the Truffle.

The truffle family

Cipriani Truffles

Cipriani Tartufi is an all-Italian company with a long history known in Italy and abroad for the quality of its products and for its attention to being truffle hunters.

A story made of passion and experience, a passion that the Cipriani family has handed down from father to son for five generations, experience as a legacy of a life dedicated to the search and harvest of the most prestigious fruit of the earth, the truffle.

we tickle your palate and help you enhance the scent and aroma of the truffle


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